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Preparation for tasting begins before you hop in the car

Posted by: Tim叔叔 on: January 25, 2012

  • We recommend you eat something, as even if you will be primarily spitting, you will want to enjoy the taste of the wines, to. But even when you sip lightly, the alcohol levels can often add up before you know it, so you must always be on your guard.
  • Stock bottled water and don’t forget to drink it in between winery stops – your body will be much happier if you keep hydrated with water equal to the amount of wine you sip.
  • Do not wear heavy perfumes or shaving lotions. A huge part of tasting is smell – don’t let yours interfere.
  • If your a smoker you may not yet accept that the smell of smoke invades your clothes, hair, and hands. and does so for a period of time even after the flame is extinguished . But it is true. And the odor can be a definite turn off for staff and consumers. A little consideration here will be much appreciated ( even though people will probably never know )
  • Dress for the season in layers (temperature can vary drastically from foggy mornings to sunny afternoons ), and take a lightweight jacket along – caves are kept at a consistent temperature of about 55 to 60 degrees and can feed chilly at any time of year.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with closed toes – treks into the vineyards often mean soft dirt, dust, and gravel.
  • Take along a cooler or Styrofoam shipper for wine you might purchase – you don’t want the wines to “cook” in your car, which is possible even on a cool day if the sun shines through the windows of a parked vehicle.

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